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Administration | Ministry Head(s): Deacon Julia Cunningham

Purpose:  To facilitate the behind the scenes components of the church. This ministry is responsible for managing the office and volunteer staff, maintaining the church calendar, establishing various databases for church-wide usage, providing current information to the membership, conducting business, and establishing & implementing church-wide policies and procedures.  The ministry maintains all correspondence on behalf of Love & Faith Community Church and serves as the liaison between the membership at large, the individual ministry components and the outside community. Contact Administration:

Beyond the Mask Mime Ministry | Ministry Head: Minister Cary Joseph

Purpose: To effectively portray the will and counsel of God through expressive bodily movements, which convey strengthening, encouragement, and comfort.  Beyond the Mask believes the amount of glory released into an atmosphere is dependent on the amount of praise and worship that is released from God’s people.  Ministry members minister to God in order that He might minister to His people.

Bookstore Operations & Sales | Ministry Head: Sis. Carvetta Young

Purpose: To provide operational and administrative supervision of bookstore operations, coordinate inventory control, monitor sales and returns, as well as, outside vendor relations. Contact the LFCC Bookstore:

Youth Ministry | Ministry Head: Elder-elect Tiffanie McDonald

Purpose: To provide spiritual training, support and fellowship opportunities for the children and youth of the church.  Utilizing a unique curriculum, innovative & interactive activities, children and youth are educated and cultivated into knowledgeable christians.  LFCC young people are exposed to a variety of bible-based teachings that equip them to live a holy lifestyle, both inside and outside of church. Contact the Youth Ministry:

Christian Education & Development | Ministry Head: Elder Ghia Kelly

Purpose: To provide biblical knowledge to the church body that assists in spiritual growth, biblical and practical knowledge.  The objective is to craft the members into greater assets to the kingdom.  The Christian Development Cafe’, Leadership Academy and Christian Development Academy series collectively provide classes and seminars to educate the body of believers. Contact Christian Education:

iAM Collegiate Ministry | Ministry Head(s): Elder Kortney & Deacon Jeremy Martin

Purpose: To equip college students with comprehensive skills that lead to building a stronger relationship with Christ, while balancing the accomplishment of professional and personal goals. Contact the Collegiate Ministry:

Drama Ministry | Ministry Head: Sis. Enrika Sissle

Purpose: To illustrate how the Word of God teaches, guides, encourages, instructs, assists, and is the solution to every problem, hindrance, and issue. Productions consist of and portray true testimonies, every day situations, circumstances, trials, and triumphs through which Christians endure, overcome, learn and prosper. Contact the LFCC Drama Ministry:

Ecclesia Dance Ministry | Ministry Head: Sis. Stefanie McDonald

Purpose: To enhance the worship experience through the use of sacred dance.  The ministry’s goal is to change atmospheres by evoking God’s presence through various movements, coupled with popular gospel music and original pieces.  Ecclesia offers an ulterior method of expression to word and song. Contact Ecclesia:

Evangelism | Ministry Head: Elder Pamela Andrews

Purpose:  To expand the Kingdom through outreach and witnessing, winning souls for Christ.  The ministry extends into the community and local facilities to present Christ to nonbelievers.Contact Evangelism:

Facility Administration | Ministry Head: Administration

Purpose: To maintain and secure the facilities, property and assets of Love & Faith Community Church, Inc. through building assessments & oversight. Contact LFCC Facility Administration:

Helping Hands | Ministry Head: Sis. Tantawan Daniels

Purpose: To feed the homeless and near-homeless population of the local community, both naturally and spiritually. The Helping Hands Ministry is dedicated to assist those in need by providing home-cooked meals, at local shelters, bi-monthly, during holidays and other special occasions. The ministry is currently partnered with Hope (Housing Opportunities and Personal Empowerment) Community Shelter, a comprehensive human services center that provides a seamless array of services for people experiencing homelessness or who are at risk of homelessness. Contact Helping Hands:

Helps Ministry | Ministry Head: Elder Kenneth Brown, Jr.

Purpose: To help the body accomplish its overall mission by presenting a positive and loving atmosphere at worship services.  Helps Ministry will perform such tasks as greeting each person who enters the sanctuary and assisting him or her in any way possible to make them feel welcome and comfortable. Armourbearers, Gatekeepers, Greeters, Nurses, Pulpit Aide, Transportation, as well as, Ushers all fall under the Helps Ministries’ umbrella.

Hospitality and Food Service | Ministry Head: Wise Council

Purpose: To affectionately accommodate all members, visitors and special guests through planning, hosting, food preparation, serving and the like during church-wide special events.

Intercessory Prayer Team | Ministry Head(s): Wise Council

Purpose: To pray and lead others to pray by working closely with the Senior Pastor and Elders to develop a prayer strategy, which addresses the current needs of the membership, local community and the Kingdom at large.

Jehovah’s Anointed Music Ministry (J.A.M.M.) | Ministry Head(s): Bro. Christopher Lowe 

Purpose: To sing and play instruments unto God.  This ministry trains the Minstrels of their duties and the important roles they play in a worship service.  Through biblical teaching and guidelines, the directives are set so the Minstrels will operate skillfully and effectively during ministry.  J.A.M.M. consists of the Sanctuary Choir, Mass Choir, Gospel Chorale, Spirit & Truth and the J.A.M.M. Band, which each must be prepared to minister at any given time throughout any worship experience. Contact JAMM:

Marketing Team | Ministry Head: Sis. Quiana Lowe

Purpose: To develop and implement the overall marketing strategy, including print ads, radio broadcasting, press releases, etc., in order to guarantee a relevant, innovative and exciting presence is created and maintained both internally, amongst the membership, and externally, for the community at large. Contact the Marketing Team:

Married/Engaged Couple Ministry | Ministry Head(s): Elder Doug Jackson, Lady Crystal Jackson

Purpose: To learn and apply God’s plan and design for His most sacred union: marriage.  Utilizing interactive classes, counseling sessions and fellowships, the ministry intertwines couples, in the various stages of marriage, with one another to examine the roles of marriage, how the family impacts the church, “real” love and romance. Contact the Married and Engaged Couples Ministry:

Men’s Ministry (A.D.A.M.) | Ministry Head: Elder Amour Savage

Purpose: To provide men with biblical resources and fellowship opportunities to develop godly character and to equip them to influence their world for Christ.  The men of LFCC serve, protect and lead.  This ministry ensures they are prepared to do so by highlighting the standards of holiness and accountability in the lives and lifestyles of each of its members. Contact the Men’s Ministry:

Ministerial Alliance | Ministry Head: Elder Marcus Griffin

Purpose: To assist the Senior Pastor in providing spiritual leadership to the body of Christ through those individuals who have accepted their call to ministry.

Multi-Media | Ministry Head: Bro. Noble Sissle

Purpose: To manage and maintain the audio and video components of the ministry through service recordings, online uploads, camera operations, television broadcasts and sound equipment operation. Contact Multi-Media:

theNET | Ministry Head: Elder Kortney Martin

Purpose: To welcome and orient those that are new to Christ and/or rededicating themselves, in addition to those who are becoming a part of our church.  Ministry is responsible for conducting Orientation classes to affiliate the new members with the culture of the house, as well as, hosting activities where Ministry Heads introduce the work of their units, with hopes of bridging the gap between new and existing members. Contact theNET:

Singles’ Ministry (The Balanced Way)

Purpose: To broaden the understanding of singleness, by creating seminars and activities, which equip single adults with the knowledge of how to be saved, single and satisfied.Contact the Single’s Ministry:

Single Parent Ministry | Ministry Head: Sis. Damia Williams

Purpose: To offer help, hope and support for single parents by creating networking opportunities and social outlets.  The ministry strives to educate single family households on properly rearing healthy and whole children without the comfort and assistance of a mate. Contact the Single Parent Ministry:

Stewardess | Ministry Head: Wise Council

Purpose: To carry out acts of compassion, caring and practical Christian service among the congregation and local community.

Temple Cleaners | Ministry Head: Sis. Hope Williams

Purpose: To clean and maintain the various sections of the house of the Lord. Contact Temple Cleaners:

Volunteer Core | Ministry Head: Deacon Gabby Gedeon

Purpose: To reach out to the community by providing various services to those in need and supply opportunities for advancement, knowledge, and assistance. Contact the Volunteer Core:

Women’s Ministry (Daughters of Destiny) | Ministry Head: Sis. Carol Arana-Williams

Purpose: To instill a sense of sisterhood and fellowship by engaging women of all ages, cultures and professions in various classes, trainings and activities. Contact the Women’s Ministry:
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From I-10

Take Exit 209A and merge onto US-90 W/Mahan Dr toward Tallahassee. Turn left at N. Magnolia Dr. Turn Left at E. Lafayette St. Turn Right at E. Indian Head Drive.

From US-27 S:

Follow US-27 S to Tennessee St., turn left. Turn right at Magolia Dr. Turn Left at E. Lafayette St. Turn right at E. Indian Head Dr.

For Van Pick-Up

Contact the church office at 850-878-4930 to schedule your transportation to and from services.

1410 East Indian Head Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32301
(850) 878-4930